Wingmakers/Lyricus Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn from othersEdit

  • The contributions can all be edited/deleted by ANYONE, so how do you/we handle that?
Answer. If you are not familiar with wiki, you will probably be surprised at how easy it is to keeep control and prevent vandalism.
1) any change (edit) can always be changed back.
2) I (John Schmidt -AKA Memenen) am an administrator of this Wikia and I can block page edits by anyone who is disruptive.
  • I have many thoughts in this area that are not vetted in any way by anyone else. Are these welcome on that page? Will there or should there be a "speculation" section? Or is it to be limited to input only about science or paraphrasings of WM/LTO materials?
Answer. My (John Schmidt -AKA Memenen) personal interest is in the science of the soul. In my view, almost everything related to WingMakers is relevant to the question of how people understand the soul, so I suspect that I would be interested in your speculations and they would be a meaningful contribution to the wiki.
There is need for a process of discovering just what can fit in at this wiki. I suggest that you explore the idea of placing some of your ideas on this wiki. If you ever decide that your contributions would be better suited elsewhere, it is very easy to download the pages created here and move on. For example, you might want to create your own WikiCity if you find that you are going in your own direction.
  • Is there a particular link I should put speculations on? Should we create a link for that, or is the whole thing considered speculation?
Answer. Yes, the whole thing is speculation! You have to start somewhere. It is very easy to move material around. If you decide you want something on a new page under a new name it is easy to make such changes. The general advice is BE BOLD. If you see the way to do something, just do it....make the change. So you can start anywhere and change things around later.
  • I need help. What do I do?
Answer. Try the "Help" link (Upper left hand page, "navigation" links) or leave a message here.

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