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Other paranormal experiences of a less spiritual nature may be more appropriately posted at another website (see the list of websites here).

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I was at work in a facility for people who commited crimes to humanity but weren´t completly conssious at the moment of acting.

we were discussing a problem about one of the incarcerated persons. I just saw ego´s wanting to tell one and another what they new. I asked ´God´what to do with this moment...then my normal few dissapeared and I could see above the building through the roof into the room where the person we were talking about, was sitting. He told me not to interveen into the discussion because he was at the right place at the right time. Off course that person didnt tell me this conciously but the answer was very clear to me. This to me was a clear way of looking without my material eyes but with my spiritual eye.

  • A dream about contact with God. (details)
  • Telepathic connections. (details)
  • I have had dreams about the future. (details)


  • Many people have had experiences that they interpret as involving contact with a non-material domain of spirit or soul.
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