The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is attempting to contribute to a true Science of the soul by collecting and studying spiritual experiences. If you would like to join the Spiritual Experiences Consortium, please click here. Our efforts are organized around community projects.

List of ProjectsEdit

Currently there are three projects:

Descriptions of apparently non-physical phenomenaEdit

We're approaching the collecting and study of non-physical phenomena in the following way:

1. After data has been found relating to an apparently non-physical phenomenon, attempts will be made to try to relate it to current or likely future scientific principles...

2. Also, we will give other, more spiritually-oriented views and explanations of the data.

3. Together, we will discuss the respective merits of the two (1 and 2, above) main points of view on how to interpret these phenomena. Only then would we be in a position to make a fair assessment as to which hypothesis best explains the data (does material brain activity account for the human experience of apparently non-physical phenomenon, or do such experiences support the idea of non-material entities?). There is no "final authority," because we need to recognize that we are all fallible. We need to find ways to let the data speak clearly to us.

Physiological changes due to spiritual transformationEdit

Is it possible to change your DNA just by thinking about it? According to Lyricus Teaching, each person is able to expose themself to certain sensory stimuli and practice particular meditations that will cause "profound changes to the DNA structure, brain chemistry, and the central nervous system." (see)

The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is engaged in an attempt to detect such physiological changes, particularly changes in DNA following spiritual transformation.

Neurological changes due to spiritual transformationEdit

This is very similar to the DNA project (above). For the Neurological changes project, we need people who have magnetic resonance images of their brain. We need to start a process of looking for changes in brain function in brain areas such as the thalamus following exposure to Wingmakers material. If you have such data, see this page.

Add a new projectEdit

Do you have an idea for a new project? Start here and contribute your plan.

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This is a kind of "meta project" since it is more about building the Consortium itself than the study of spiritual experiences. We need to recruit additional people to join the Spiritual Experiences Consortium.

If you know someone who might be interested, direct their attention to the Spiritual Experiences Consortium.

If you participate in online discussion forums that deal with spirituality, you can mention the Spiritual Experiences Consortium.

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