Questions about the science of the soul that could be sent to James.

Possible questionsEdit

names of genesEdit

  • Many human genes now have names or numerical designations within the human genome project. Can you identify one human gene that is particularly important for the function of the thalamus in its handling of sensory data streams? (see)

Chromosome 10Edit

You have suggested that human chromosome 10 is important for the human body's reactions to the Wholeness Navigator. Can you identify one chromosome 10 gene that is particularly important? (see)

Altered DNAEdit

You have previously indicated that some humans are undergoing "profound changes to the DNA structure" as their Wholeness Navigator activates. Can you provide a sample of such altered DNA (possibly your own) for laboratory analysis? (see)

Type of DNA ChangeEdit

When you say "some humans are undergoing profound changes to the DNA structure" what kinds of changes are you talking about? Nucleotide sequence changes? Methylation changes? Conformational changes of chromatin?

Control DNAEdit

In order for such a sample of "altered DNA" to be meaningful, there also needs to be control DNA. Can you identify a source of human DNA that is still in its baseline configuration, unaltered by intensification of the Wholeness Navigator? (see)

Altered DNA location - chromosomalEdit

Can you identify a particular chromosome location where "profound changes to the DNA structure" will occur in people who increasingly activate their Wholeness Navigator? (see)

Altered DNA location - cellsEdit

Can you identify which cells have the "profound changes to the DNA structure" that will occur in people who increasingly activate their Wholeness Navigator? Is it all cells in the body or just certain ones? (see)


What topics are covered by the term "neo-sciences"?


"There are harmonics within the sound that extend into higher and lower frequencies than the audible range of the human ear, but nonetheless impact on the vibrational structure of the human instrument’s DNA, mind-brain structure, and central nervous system." (source)

What are the key frequencies of these "harmonics"?

What are the "impacts" of sound on DNA and the central nervous system?

Can these key frequencies be deduced using biofeedback? e.g. expose subjects to a range of individual sound frequencies while monitoring neurological and physiological changes via biofeedback technology.