Program Authoring the Human Subconscious or P.A.T.H.S. (PATHS) is based on RDT or Rapid Data Transfer Technology which claims to deliver millions of instructions to the subconscious mind in a three minute period and these instructions are supposed to be "time released" over a seven day period allowing anyone to rapidly internalize virtually any skillset according to the company.

PATHS was released to the public early in 2006 and is available online. The technology revolves around "modules" that are available by subscription and the topics of the modules including the following: sleep, anti-aging, skin rejuvination, increase lean muscle mass, improve sports performance, weight loss, various mood enhancement and elevators, increased business productivity & creativity, achieving goals, relaxation, confidence booster, enhance intuition, pms & menopause relief, enhance communication skills, enhanced sexual pleasure for men and women, improved golfing skills, academic super charger, as well as others.

A unique attribute of PATHS is that it works without subliminal messages, affirmations, language, speech, or text of any kind. Therefore, it is claimed to work on virtually everyone regardless of what language they speak. It is claimed to communicate directly with the subconscious mind in a language that the body understands, which is on a non-verbal or non-intellectual level.

The technology is based on RDT (Rapid Data Transfer). In January 2009, the technology was upgraded to RDT Generation II.

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