This page provides an example of how to add a comment about the Protoscience Wikia.

Notice that each new page of the wiki gets its own "Talk" page. For these comment pages, only one person (the person who created the page) should add content to the page itself. (if you see a spelling error or a dead hyperlink on someone's comment page, they probably would not mind if you fixed it) If anyone else wants to comment on the original comments in a comment page, they can use the "Talk" page of the comment page.

If you registered with wikia, you can sign your comment by inserting four tildes ~~~~. In my case, I am John Schmidt, the founder of the Protoscience wikia. You can follow the link in my signature to my user page. JWSchmidt 19:34, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)

You can put anything you like on your comment page. Like all other pages in the Protoscience wikia, the main restriction on content is that your thoughts should be concerned with topics at the strange interface between science and non-science.

Reminder: When you name your comment page, start the name of the page with "Personal comment:" One last thing. You can add {{Personal comment}} to the bottom of your comment page in order to mark it as a comment page.

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