Possible problems and suggestionsEdit

  • There seems to be a length requirement for passwords when you try to subscribe to MediaWiki mail lists. Either leave the password field blank or use 8 or more characters in your password. When you hit the subscribe button, you will go to a new page if your password is okay. Otherwise you get no prompt for how to correct the problem and nothing is submitted.
  • You may have to click twice on the subscribe button before anything happens.
  • If you are waiting for email confirmation of your attempt to subscribe to the email list, check your email spam filter's spam folder. The email message will be called something like:
confirm 45207b7bdbe735fcb38c87e709998ac9c607e3e0

and it will be from:

Reasons to subscribeEdit

  • A way to reach Protoscience wiki community members who may not be monitoring the wiki on a daily basis.