Subjects worthy of a serious scientific study:

- Channeling (transmission of messages from non-physical entities received by incarnated humans)

- Near death experiences NDEs

- Out of body experiences OBEs

- Multiple Personalities

- Dreams, spiritually transforming dreams, Lucid Dreaming

- Déja vu experiences

- Past (or parallel) life recalls

- Interdimensional communications (with the dead)

- Automatic writing and drawing

- Indian shamanism and vision quests

- The feats of East Indian yogis and the Jansenists

- Telepathy and intuition

- Prayers bringing "miracles"

Added May 30 ( info taken from one of the webrings, or suggested by other forum members):

- Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

- Psychokinesis

- Telekinesis

- Spontaneous Human Combustion

- Water response to prayers and human emotions or intent. (Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments and photos of water crystal changes)

- Synchronicity

- Plant response to stimuli as a way to detect consciousness in non-brain equipped life forms. (See: this abstract)

- Can mathematics provide verifiable evidence for extra extended dimensions that might exist beyond physical reality?

Anything else ?

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