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Protoscience: the path from science fiction to science.

This page is a place to take note of current activities within the protoscience wikia. Also, see the blog mirror.

Main Page list of protoscience topicsEdit

Add to the list of protoscience topics on the Main Page or pick a topic and start adding content to pages for that topic.

Help and other administrative pagesEdit

If you have time, contribute to help pages and other pages that have little to do with protoscience but which help this wikia function.


categories are a useful way to organize the content of this wiki. I suggest that active protoscience topics listed on the Main Page each have their own category so as to make it easy to find all articles related to each major protoscience topic. Example: the Quantum consciousness category can have other sub-categories under it such as Microtubule consciousness.

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Help start Wanted pages.

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If you have a better idea for the favicon File:Favicon.ico please let me know. JWSchmidt 16:22, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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Let others who are interested in protoscience know that this wiki exists. We need to develop our WikiNode and other methods for linking this wiki to the rest of the internet.

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Protoscience in the Google Literature SearchEdit

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