Does light need a medium?

The term Alternative physics is used to refer to many physical theories that fall outside of mainstream physics. There are many websites that claim conventional physics has adopted eroneous theories and excluded correct views of physics from the mainstream. There are many "alternative physicists" who feel that conventional science is wrong to reject the idea of an aether. For example, the "General Lorentz Ether" theory of Ilja Schmelzer is described as an "ether theory of gravity" that makes predictions similar to those of general relativity. It is claimed that "General Lorentz Ether" is a replacement theory for an earlier theory that was reviewed on the internet and shown to have defects. Can an important result in physics be produced from such an alternate physics research track?

Quantum gravity, Space mixing theory, Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Variable speed of light cosmology

Several ideas in physics are well-accepted by many sciences, and yet some people say that they are currently protosciences -- i.e., not yet true fields of science:

  • Superstring Theory is arguably not yet a science, because "it's all theory and no evidence."[1]
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy are arguably not yet scientific, because "they're all evidence and no theory."[1]


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